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Health Care

We are creating health care solutions for different niches like factories, constructions sites, elderly & Disabled remote care and crowded religious events. We are trying to address different market needs with our solutions, the first "Our Precious Health" works for as a B2B and also B2C solution for remote monitoring for elderly & disabled people ) while the second is "Smart Health Tracker" as a B2B solution perform fast crowd temperature scanning for construction & manufacturing companies and the third is "Pandemic Tracker" as B2C solution that promotes social distancing & capture proximity violations during COVID pandemic. We offer a complete affordable solution from hardware to AI predication models with European quality Listing all places visited by an infected positive-tested case as a suspiciously infested place will ensure business take necessary disinfection activities on a frequent basis. Our solution supports more than 17 smart bands giving our clients a variety of choices. We are able to provide support for multiple time zones with ease.

Solution Features

Our Health Monitoring Solutions will provide you with :

  • Monitor your workers or patients health 24/7
  • Warning about workers or patients who could be sick which will limit further disruption to your work force
  • Record workers attendance
  • Reduce your workers temperature scan queues time by 90%

Mobile App

We are using android OS because it allow us to scan upto 7 bands at the same time. The App will help you register a band for every employee in your company and will be used to scan your employee's temperature and heart rate before entering your premise. The App is designed to reduce the scanning times by more 90%. You can see the a bunch of useful information about your employees on the App dashboard like lowest & highest measured temperatures, number of scanned employees against your registered employee's. A list of all the registered employees and their associated bands with the ability to control each employee's band individually.

Web Control Panel

The web panel will allow you to register your company employee's, print daily scan reports and monitor all your employee's temperature and heart rate data in real time. The dashboard will allow you to see employee's with normal & high temperature.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence models is being developed to give alerts about possibility of certain illness ex. Diabetes and Glaucoma. Some of the AI features might require eye images snaps by the mobile camera.

AI features being tested under our roof:
1) Predicting illness through ocular images (using High resolution mobile images).
2) Predicting diabetics through vital health signs.
3) Text & object recognition for blind using a special glass with a camera.

AI also can be used to detect COVID infections using :
1) Recording a cough usually targeting Asymptomatic patients
2)Scanning eyes (needs high resolution cameras and up to 4 different position for the eye)

What's Next

Our solution can be easily adapted to serve many health care purposes after the pandemic disappears. The following areas are on radar:
Use AI to Predict diabetics
Provide Solutions for School
Adapt the solution to elderly care centers

Track COVID-19 infections

Why We use Smart Bands ?

We are using a band model that is FDA listed as a medical device that is able to measure 4 of the of the 5 vital signs routinely checked by medical personnel and they are:

1. Blood pressure
2. Pulse rate
3. Breathing rate (respiration)
4. Body temperature
5. Oxygen level

The vital sign is an important parameter which helps to detect and monitors the medical problem and can be measured on any place at home, hospital, medical emergency or elsewhere. They are also the essential parameters which are required for the calculation of Early Warning Score (EWS) which are the simple physiological score system.

This score apprises the quick overview of the medical status of the patient to prevent the catastrophic deterioration in clinical area . There are many standards for assessment of the early warning score such as National Early Warning Score (NEWS), Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) and other standard, among them we use NEWS for assessment to obtain the score for the evaluation of the patient. It is based on the aggregation of the six physiological parameters, four of them are respiration rate, temperature, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate and the other two which are also known as fifth vital sign and are level of consciousness or new confusion and oxygen saturation.

Who Can benefit from our Solution ?

Construction Sites: They employ large number of workers who stay in close proximity to each other and some even sleep in the same dorms.
A single infection will effect all of them, close monitoring for the workers health will help will be a necessity

Factories: Those also employ large number of workers and the task of monitoring infections will be challenging

Hospitals: Front liners are continously exposed to infection and their comes the need to monitor their health without wasting their time

Airports & Long Flight Travelers

COVID vaccination in production

Although a COVID vaccine is in production, they can only produce 50 million doses by the end of 2020. They plan to produce 1.3 billion dose by 2021 which still means that vaccination will be prioritized and won't be available for everyone specially in the 3rd world countries. We still think that protective measures will still be needed in strategic places (Hospitals, Schools, Airports)for at least the next 14 month.

We specialize in health solutions
Where AI can help predict future illness's

About Us

On March, we created our first B2C COVID solution that aimed to trace proximity between people without using Bluetooth technology. We used App notifications instead. Our solution was backed by KACST temporary Accelerator by end of May 2020.

By Mid of June, most of government's around the world released their versions of COVID proximity tracing Apps. So we changed our product from B2C to B2B after interviewing a few construction and manufacturing managers

We are multi-talented team of 5 scattered across the globe with skills in AI, backend, hardware and sales & marketing.

Our startup is currently present in Malaysia & KSA

How It Works

  • 1Create an Account for the company on the Web portal
  • 1Login to the web portal using the credentials sent to client email
  • 2 Register all your workers on the backend.
  • 3 Assign a band to each worker.
  • 4 Install the Mobile App to scan worker bands within 10m range
  • 5 The AI will predict workers with potential COVID infections.