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Why use Pandemic Tracker App?

Our Mobile App will put in control of your data and your outdoor tracks. We are an independent company without any support from governments.

To achieve this every app user needs to enable outdoor tracking. Those tracking info. are kept on your phone only until you report that you are infected.
Listing all places visited by an infected positive-tested case as a suspiciously infested place will ensure business take necessary disinfection activities on a frequent basis.
The App follow a strict and transparent data collection policy which is explained before every step and also in details inside the FAQ section.
Once an app user report a being positive case, his last 14 days outdoor tracks will be ready to be shared and emailed to us by your consent.
Our servers will update all the place marks in those tracks as potential infested place with the dates & times visited by the infected person and send it to all app users.
If you suspect being infected because of your presence in the announced infested places, you should email your tracks to us for analysis and you must get yourself tested and preferably get self isolated.
Inside the app, you can receive updated lists from Red zones, Orange Zones, Locked Zones and infested places. you can also share those with others and also see them on google maps. Important news will be shared through the App.

Our App Features

Pandemic tracker will provide you with updates about :

  • Red zones, Orange Zones, Locked Zones and infested places,
  • New infections for people who came in proximity
  • Updated COVID-19 news
  • Your exposure to COVID-19


You will have full control over the tracking activity. Even if the GPS is on, the app will only start recording your location with your consent. You will be able to export, share and email your tracks.

Track COVID-19 infections

How can you protect your family ?

The Pandemic Tracker APP will use two main techniques to flatten the infection curve:
1) Infection Prevention :
Listing suspicious infested places based on the analysis of app user outdoor tracks.
2) Early Detection:
If your outdoor tracking show that you have been in the same place with an infected person you should self isolate yourself or get tested.

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